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Captains Log Supplemental

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About me:

I'm a student from Georgia, I live on my computers. We have four systems which I call by hostname:

  • "Joe" a Dell 4550 with upgrades for my mom.

  • "SAL1600" my desktop/gamer roost a Gateway GM5048 multi-media PC running Windows XP for gaming and Linux/BSD systems for tests.

  • "Vectra" an old Dell 4500 I salvaged, now running OpenBSD as a local server.

  • And "Dixie" my darling Gateway MX6436 laptop where I keep most of my personal files and do 90% of my work.

There is also the old HP Vectra Vli8 500 that used to house my OpenBSD server setup; but she is in temporary retirement

I spend allot of time online as a proud member of the 22nd Special Air Service, the Elite Virtual Regiment. We play Tactical FPS games using real world military tactics and are the best Hostage Rescue Team I've ever seen online. I currently serve as a Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO) among my peers and enjoy training and live operations.

About the Blog:

This blog is a personal log charting my general work on my local systems, toying with software, computers, programming, time in the [SAS], and sometimes a bit of real life too.