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Hopin' and jumpin' night.
Despite a lot of interrupts, I've managed to complete a doc that's been on my list for months; and happily checked it off my <a href=">rtm</a> list. I've also sorted a few other things that needed doing, but have plenty to get done this week. My custom lists on RTM have grown quite effectively, the main problem atm, is where to dump all the bullshit ma throws on my task list 8=). Growth on the EPI project is proceeding quite well now, I just wish I had more time resources available for it. That reminds me, I need to finish the notes on ${EPI_ROOT}/db structure lol. In the future, I'll probably blog more about it's development, as free time permits. Right now though, I need to get to sleeping soon, only about 8 hours until work starts, and I've been awake for the last 16. Sigh.

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