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LJ Tagging and thoughts of Migration
Soul Calibur
For all the life of this Live Journal, I've never really used the tagging feature. In fact, whenever I've wanted to find one of my old entries, I've either used Googles site:feature or backtracked my way through a couple months worth of postings.

Tonight, I've cleaned tags: most of the tags were pre-sets from various writers block entries I've bothered to respond to. The few that remain, are basically ones I've used in the past.

Live Journals tagging system is rather shotty, which is why I've never gotten into it very much. You get plenty of tags but there is a limit to how many posts can 'have' that specific tag in LJ: which takes the point away to some extent. Then again, honestly my favourite features of LiveJournal, is the support for embedding HTML and the privacy controls ;). Most of my entries are public, but the capability to mark some as 'Friends only' or 'Just Me (Private)' rather then "Everyone (Public)", is quite an important feature to me. Even most of my private entries are suitable for public view, I generally refuse to enter confidential information onto anything like LiveJournal or Remember The Milk, on grounds of paranoid security lol. Yes, I take other peoples privacy into high regard ^+^.

FWIW, I elected a while ago, to start using the tags, but only wish to maintain a few of interest. As such, that means the quiet limit on the number of posts that may carry the same tag, will undoubtedly be reached eventually (my guess, is within 30 years, so no worries). I very much dislike that limitation however.

Posts made by Jamie Zawinski and Julio M. Merino Vidal,combied with the changes in ownership over the last couple years, have generally lead me to consider a migration of my own. The only thing that looks appetizing is blogger, which as it happens was one of the major contenders along with LiveJournal, way back when.

I think I will also experiment with that possibility a bit as well. One thing I do dislike, is my LJ username is not available on Blogger lol. One reason I had chosen SAS_Spidey01 (and therefore in the modern notation) for my username here, was the odds of anyone else having it would have to be preeettyy darn low compared to my root name, 'Spidey01'. It is also, the only time I've ever used a clan tag for a username. The corresponding username on Blogger is held by what appears to be a link spammer, abuse reported accordingly.

Another thing that I dislike about LJ, is the number of spam bots generating blogs and friendings on LiveJournal, but at least the company is rather nice about removing them, once reported.

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